Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

A more detailed contract will be drawn up to meet the needs of all parties before any commitment is made. The ballpark cost will be about 48 per person per day which would work out as a total for the trip of about 12,000.

This figure includes the hire of the vessel with skipper, fuel used, maintenance costs and gear replacement, plus marina fees, and port dues. It will also include food taken aboard.

It does not include transport, food ashore, or other costs incurred. It also does not include individual landing fees, and bonds, any legal, or medical expenses, or repatriation costs. Insurance should be obtained to cover these items.

The benefit of any private, personal sponsorship remains solely with that individual. However the benefit of any sponsorship that involves the vessel or other members of the crew, such as filming, advertising, or writing about the voyage itself, will be shared in a manner to be agreed.

This is probably going to be a once in a lifetime experience and while many places will have zero cost it is advisable, to fully enjoy the trip, to have a personal reserve of spending money for the more populated areas, and to perhaps spend some time exploring Australia when we arrive.
Global Surveyor