Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

To make the most of the experience the crew will be expected to make an active contribution to the planning of the voyage. During the cruise a relatively small amount of work is required to sail and maintain the vessel. Being at sea can make everyone extremely lazy; a certain amount of self-discipline is therefore necessary. Duties will, as far as possible, be shared equally, but because you may not be aware of what others have been doing in the middle of the night, you may feel that you are being hard done by. This can breed discontent, and to overcome this every crew member should start on the premise that doing and learning things is what they have paid for, and they are therefore happy to do more than their fair share.

The crew will be divided into 4 groups. During the planning period and during the cruise each group will be responsible to the skipper for the following. Storing the vessel with food and other supplies. Medical requirements and first aid. Communications, sending and receiving e-mails, obtaining weather forecasts etc. Researching entry requirements, charts, and the best things to do at ports of call.
Global Surveyor