Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

Most places visited will have minimum security problems. However there are potential risks, particularly in some larger, poorer cities. Care should therefore be taken about which areas are explored, in general seek advice, and stick with each other and with tourists. Different and often harsher laws apply in these places. Particular care should be taken not to break any, particularly when driving. Or partying. Because of the potentially catastrophic consequences to individuals and the cruise, there is an absolute zero tolerance to DRUGS whether used ashore or aboard.

There are many arguments about whether yachts should be armed. One side maintains that it is better to be mugged for a few pounds than risk being shot trying to resist. That is completely true, but unfortunately it is increasingly impossible to predict the actions of those approaching, and once a superior force is aboard, it is they, not you that control the situation. While any such approach is extremely unlikely the presence of arms aboard at least gives a choice. Any Self Defence requirements will be based on the following. 1. Avoid dangerous areas. 2. See danger coming from the greatest distance. 3. Show Maximum Strength and Confidence. This is proposed as the best way of avoiding the development of a close quarters incident.
Global Surveyor