Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

Global Surveyor is a fully certified Ocean Going Charter Vessel. She was specifically designed to sail safely, comfortably, and without worry to all parts of the globe She is very strongly built, which gives a tremendous feeling of security and confidence. The size, displacement, and design give masses of room aboard, and a steady comfortable motion. She can make fast passages and requires only a modest effort to sail. This is a pleasure cruise, and while the vessel will be sailed to a high standard of seamanship, there will be the minimum of shouting, rushing about, and being soaked by icy waters.

The skipper has had a lifetime of worldwide seagoing experience including 14 years in the Merchant Navy, typically on 30,000 tonne cargo liners and tankers. As a Marine Consultant concerned with oil spill control, having direct authority over fleets of Naval and Commercial vessels on manoeuvres. He has also direct handling experience with many types of vessels including Rig supply vessels, tugs, hovercraft, fast patrol craft and sailing vessels. He obtained a Masters Certificate Foreign Going certificate in the MN, and now holds a commercial RYA Yacht master Ocean certificate. At least one other experienced yachtsman will also be aboard
Global Surveyor