Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

Depending on numbers on-board there will be three or four watches. Each watch will generally consist of two people. Between them they will maintain continuous watches throughout the 24hrs so it would either be 4hrs on, 8hrs off, or 3hrs and 9hrs respectively. At all times one person will be responsible for lookout, sweeping the 360 degrees of the horizon at least once every 3 minutes, checking for other vessels, sleeping whales, flotsam, land, or weather changes, and monitoring the course and on-board safety. Every 30 minutes a check will be made around the deck. The second watch keeper can spend his time in the saloon reading, writing or listening to the radio, but be ready to instantly help his partner. They would typically swap places every hour thus only being on watch for the time. Most sail handling can wait until the change of watch when 4 are up, but on rare occasions other crew members may be required for short periods (day workers first call) in the middle of the night. The skipper will be on instant call throughout the 24hours.
Global Surveyor