Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

By paying a deposit we agree to the following;
  • We understand that sailing is a potentially dangerous activity, and agree to take full responsibility for the safety of ourselves, and to assist other crew members to remain safe.
  • You are advised to take out personal accident, property and medical insurance.
  • We agree to indemnify the owner against any uninsured risk, or damage caused by our negligent action or omission.
  • The Skipper is in charge at all times, and we agree to act under his instructions.
  • When afloat we agree to act as crew on the vessel, and under instruction, to steer, handle mooring lines, sails etc. and to keep the vessel tidy.
  • We agree to notify the skipper in advance, if any of the party is suffering from any medical condition, or is a non-swimmer.
  • We agree to abide by the laws of any country visited, and not to damage any flora or fauna nor bring any illegal substance on-board, or to exceed any customs allowances.
  • We understand we will not be allowed aboard by the Skipper if thought to be a danger to others, or ourselves or by a majority vote to continue the voyage if for any reason we are considered incompatible.
  • We agree to take reasonable care of the yacht and her equipment.
  • Cooking and other maintenance duties will be on a shared basis.
  • Any disputes on any subject to be resolved by independent arbitration.
  • Cancellation of Charter or part by crew members. Any deposit will be lost unless an acceptable substitute is found for the period in question.
  • All cruises and destinations are subject to weather, political, and safety considerations. In the event of any of the above, an alternate cruising destination may be chosen after consultation.
  • Non-Availability of vessel. All moneys paid will be fully refundable should the yacht be unavailable for any reason to start the charter. Money will be re-paid on a pro-rata basis, should the charter have to be terminated early, due to crew, mechanical or any other problems.. The crew will then have to make their own onward travel arrangements In such cases no other compensation will be payable.
  • A bare boat price includes the skipper and vessel in a seaworthy condition, suitably equipped for the voyage. It includes repairs to the vessel and reasonable wear and tear on equipment. It does not include, food, port dues landing fees or other taxes, nor any expenses incurred ashore. It also does not cover transport to the vessel or repatriation at the termination of the voyage. Medical expenses and medical repatriation are also excluded and it is suggested insurance is obtained.

Payment for weekend cruises.
  • 200 to book dates.
  • 500, 10 days prior to the trip.
  • The balance of 500 in cash on boarding.
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