Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

  • The hours already spent on the computer, equate to hours saved in construction.
  • It is easy, at the computer stage, to modify various aspects within the basic hull form. For instance, superstructure, cockpit position/size, bulkhead number/position, may be varied to personal requirements.
  • Once the design has been fixed and 'proved' all future kits of parts are easily repeatable.
  • There is no lofting, transferring of paper plans and cutting. Each operation takes a significant time and carries its own chance of error.
  • Cutting steel by any means costs money.
  • The steel is shot blasted and primed. It is submerged plasma cut to prevent distortion and is accurate to +- 1mm. It forms one truck load and is delivered ready for fabrication.
  • Because the parts are pre-shaped, have built in slots, tabs and locating cuts, construction is easy, foolproof and accurate and can be done by anyone with the necessary welding skills.
  • The approximate halving of construction time means that it is economic to employ sub-contractors or a shipyard if required, Even for a self builder 'time is money'
  • The speed of build also minimises corrosion problems and may obviate the need to shot blast on completion.
  • At the end of the day, the difference in original cost of a kit of parts, against bare steel parts will represent a very small percentage of the overall investment. The market value of the vessel when sold however will largely depend on the integrity and finish of the hull.
Global Surveyor