Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

The accommodation is designed to make the absolute maximum use of space within the vessel while avoiding an 'overcrowded' look. The engine is completely contained beneath sole level allowing a constant floor level throughout.

Layout Plan

Forepeak. Length 4m (13') Stowage of sails, inflatable dinghy, fenders, ropes etc. Large steel deck access hatch.

Watertight Bulkhead.

Crew Cabin or Workshop. Length 2m (6'06') Can be fitted out to hold up to four crew or to provide a workshop depending on requirements. ocean hatch for light, escape and ventilation.

Watertight bulkhead with Wt door.

Central corridor with ocean hatch, doors to forward guest cabins

2 X Guest Cabins. Length 2.8m (9'01') Each fitted with either two bunks or a double berth and occasional pipe cot. Deck light and dorade ventilator.

Double berth

Watertight bulkhead with Wt door.

Main Saloon Area. Length 5.6m (18'02') The saloon was kept as large as possible to give the visual impact of space and to be the main below deck working/relaxing area. At the same time the furniture is arranged to divide up this space below waist height, which together with hand holds provides maximum crew security in heavy weather.


On the Starboard side is a large Galley fitted with a crash bar to provide a secure working environment in heavy weather. The cooker is positioned fwd to prevent the crew being thrown against it and is fitted with high fiddles.


Toilet/Shower compartments are situated Forward and aft of this to provide for the two separate accommodation areas. There is also a wet locker.

On The Port side is the main seating area. The Settee is U shaped to allow comfortable use on either tack, and the table is split to allow easy access.

Aft' is the Navigation/office space. According to preference most of the active navigation will be conducted in the wheel house but this area provides a quiet office space for tactical planning, and working on ship and other business. With the shelter provided by the wheelhouse it can be safely equipped with Computers, fax and communications equipment.

Dorade ventilator, Deck lights, Ocean Hatches, and a large engine deck hatch, provides ventilation, light and escape routes, together with the easy removal of the engine. There is access through the floor to the engine, and services together with under floor storage. A ladder provides access to the wheelhouse.

Watertight bulkhead with 2 X Wt doors to after cabins which are separated by a longitudinal bulkhead.

2 X Aft Guest Cabins Length. 3.2m (10'05') fitted with double berths. fitted with ventilators and a clear hatch into wheelhouse for escape and light.

Rear twin

Watertight bulkhead.

After Peak. Length. 2.4m (7'09') Containing Steering gear, generating set, and bosun/engineering store for fluids. Access through steel deck hatch.

Each individual berth including the mid line of double berths are fitted with lee clothes for use at sea. There is massive stowage space ( 5 cubic meters. 170 cu ft ) beneath the cabin sole alone.

Good ventilation is provided throughout and escape to deck is possible from all watertight compartments.

Global Surveyor