Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

To minimise voltage drop and increase reliability a 24 Volt system is suggested for engine starting, pumps, navigation and domestic lighting.

Batteries suggested;

150 AH 24 V. Lead Acid. For Engine starting and the Windlass. 150 AH 24 V. Ni Cads. For Domestic, Pumps and all Lighting. 40 AH 12 V. Lead Acid. Situated at high level "surge protected" for Navigation equipment radio transmitters and Emergency lighting.

Charging to any battery set using "smart" charging system from;

50 Amp 24V Main Engine Alternator. 50 Amp 24V Auxiliary Diesel, capable of being hand started. 6 Amp Wind Turbine Generator.

Optional equipment.

240/11OV diesel alternator. Deep Freeze/Fridge. Air Conditioning/Heating.
Global Surveyor