Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

The hull is designed for:

Maximum seaworthiness. With easy lines, an excellent range of stability to 135 degrees, a buoyant rounded transom, moderate beam and maximum structural and watertight integrity even in the event of an inversion.

Minimum motion. The fine bow and broad stern section together with the concentration of weight amidships ( Lead 14,000 Kgs. Diesel engine 600 Kgs. Fuel 1400 Kgs. Water 2,200 Kgs. Chain 500 Kgs ) minimise pitching while the hard bilge section combined with the heavy mast section gives greater damping and inertia to reduce rolling.

Good performance. The relatively fine topside sections forward will allow the vessel to cut efficiently to windward while the prismatic coefficient was chosen to give the best efficiency around the most common cruising speed of V/ sqr(LWL) ( 8 Kts ).

Maximum Load-carrying and internal volume. The relatively hard bilge gives exceptional load-carrying ability without affecting performance and allows the usable accommodation to extend to near the full beam.

A 1:15 Scale radio control model has been tested and indicates a clean running hull, with excellent directional stability, even under an unbalanced sail plan. The model also exhibits a high degree of roll and pitch damping.

The capacious hull allows a large range of accommodation possibilities and the design can support any standard of fit out, from the utilitarian to the exotic. Computer generated "Steel Piece Part" construction allows the superstructure, cockpit and bulkheads to be economically rearranged to individual requirements. It would thus be quite simple to have, for instance a twin screw centre cockpit ketch within the basic hull form.

However the basic ethos of the first vessel is for simplicity, economy and low maintenance combined with rugged seamanlike reliability.
Global Surveyor