Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

A non turbo charged medium speed diesel engine of between 80-140 HP is preferred. A Mermaid Marina six cylinder naturally aspirated 135 HP. diesel fitted with a 2.91:1 reduction gearbox and a thirty inch self pitching propeller has been chosen to give economic and reliable propulsion.

The horizontal shaft line and propeller position in clear water promotes good propulsive efficiency and together with the rudder, excellent manoeuvring both ahead and astern.

The self pitching propeller maintains good efficiency over a range of conditions from motor sailing, using minimum power with a high pitch, to plugging against a full gale utilising full power and low pitch.

Feathering will give minimum drag while sailing.

It is possible for just about any propeller to be fouled by flotsam. The distance between the rudder and propeller minimises the possibility of simultaneously jamming the rudder.

When operating in ice a cage will be temporarily welded around the propeller. ( another advantage of steel )
Global Surveyor