Aleutian 70, Global Surveyor

World tested cruising comfort, hurricane tested steel strength.

Rigging RIG
The cutter with bowsprit was chosen for this vessel because;

a. Next to the sloop it is the most aerodynamically efficient.

b. It gives the most sail area for the minimum mast lengths. This vessel requires a 23.5m mast as a cutter, it would require a 26.5m mast if rigged as a sloop and a 22m main + 15m mizzen = 37m total as a ketch.

c. There is therefore the minimum of windage and a lower Centre of Gravity with the cutter rig.

d. The mast on a cutter can be stepped nearer the point of maximum beam and is therefore more efficiently and reliably stayed.

e. The mast can be deck stepped over the main structural bulkhead, which spreads the loads into the whole hull, this prevents leakage into the hull and gives more space and easy fore and aft movement in the accommodation.

f. The bowsprit and non overlapping staysail allow the shrouds to be placed on the deck edge without interfering with the sheeting angles.

g. The rig gives excellent flexibility allowing a range of sails to be set. The sails can be reefed one at a time while still m
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